Bob Ross X Abominable Toys

Hi! Welcome back! I’m glad to see you today! Today I thought we’d announce a Bob Ross figure that’ll look like a happy little yeti named Chomp.

So I’ll have them list all of the details you’ll need to get your very own Bob Ross Chomp, starting with the date and working around!

You can pick up your very own happy little painter Chomp this Saturday, October 29th, at 3:00pm EST 12:00pm PST exclusively on

This vinyl figure comes complete with Bob Ross’s signature translucent pallet, paint brush, easel, and canvas pre coated in Liquid White featuring Mountain Waterfall from Season 5 Episode 1 of The Joy of Painting. These figures also come with an exclusive Chomp Trading Card pack containing 1 random card.

Oh listen, I’ll tell you what, we’re having such a good time here. I’ll tell you something else too while I’m here. Bob Ross has been a huge inspiration to us at Abominable Toys. It is truly an honor for this to be our very first officially licensed figure and we hope you’re as excited as we are. Bob Ross was a firm believer in the fact that anyone can paint and we are a firm believer that anyone can make designer toys. In addition to that for every Bob Ross Abominable Toys purchased we will plant a happy little tree!

I really hope you’ve enjoyed this one. The old clock on the wall tells me I got to leave ya, but I’ll be back this Saturday on So until then, happy painting!