❄️ Newsletter #202 Last Chance to Secure Your Future! Low Zoltar Chomp Stock!

Zoltar Chomp is available now exclusively on abominabletoys.com!

An ancient Proverb for you from the Great Zoltar Chomp. "Be happy while you're living, for you're a long time dead." Ah, go ahead, my dear! Get yourself a little treat today on abominabletoys.com. After all, you only live once, no? Get Zoltar Chomp today and I'll give you more wisdom for your journey.

This officially licensed massive 9" vinyl figure comes complete with Zoltar's crystal ball, fortune telling box, and a lifetime of good fortune. These figures also come with one exclusive random Zoltar Chomp Fortune Card. There are over 50 possible fortunes.

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