Abominable Toys Newsletter #124 Chomp Coffee is Back! Final DesignerCon Announcement

We've got one final announcement for @designercon, Chomp Coffee is back!

We'll have 12oz bags roasted yesterday, November 17th, available for sale as well as free samples to help make your Chomp Coffee choice easy.

Our good friends @7seasroasting will be at the booth with us brewing fresh, 3oz, coffee samples all 3 days of the con at @designercon booth #2513.

In case you don't know @7seasroasting is a veteran owned specialty coffee company based out of San Diego, California. They roast all of their beans in house in small batches and all of their beans are ethically sourced from micro lot farms around the world.

Dark Roast Chomp Coffee
Type: Whole Bean
Origin: Brazil & Guatemala Flavor Notes: Dark Chocolate, Tobacco, Black Cherry.
Altitude: 1300-1400 Meters
Price: $18
Size: 12oz

Medium Roast Chomp Coffee Type: Whole Bean
Origin: Mexico
Altitude: 1250-1350 Meters Flavor Notes: Chocolate, Nutty, Citrus.
Process: White Honey
Price: $20
Size: 12oz

Light Roast Chomp Coffee
Type: Whole Bean Origin: Ethiopia, Sidamo
Altitude: 2000-2400 Meters Flavor Notes: Blueberry, Raspberry, Rosewater, Cacao.
Price: $22
Size: 12oz
All bags of Chomp Coffee were roasted yesterday, November 17th, for maximum freshness!

Packaging designed by @seanlarkreece

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