Abominable Toys Newsletter #131 Pink Fluff Chomper Available Now!

Pink Fluff Chomper and our new UV Flashlight are available now on abominabletoys.com!

Looking for the perfect Valentine's day gift for that special someone? Or better yet, yourself? Well look no further because this little yeti heartthrob is our first charity release of 2023!

We wanted to pay homage to the original Cotton Candy Chomp while also changing it up a little bit. We decided to average our previous charity release run sizes instead of doing a pre-order. These figures are all in hand now and are a set limited edition of 1500 pieces. Did we mention this adorable pink yeti is glow in the dark as well?

In addition to Chomper we also have a brand new limited edition Abominable Toys UV Flashlight! This is the perfect way to charge your glow in the dark Chomp and Chomper figures as well as any other glow in the dark collectibles you have!
Batteries are not included. Each flashlight needs 6 AA batteries to operate.

Important Info:

There is no quantity limit on ordering this figure. $3 of every figure sold will be donated evenly between the Autism Society of America and the National Breast Cancer Coalition Fund.

Since we are making a donation to charity orders cannot be cancelled, changed, or combined. Please make sure your order is correct before placing it.

Warning: Avoid looking directly at UV light

Overexposure may cause:

Yeti blindness
Radioactive footprints
Fear of the color purple
Receding Fur-line
Excess Chomping
Vibrant Tan

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