Abominable Toys Newsletter #145 Animation Week Wrap-up!

This week we're showing some of the behind the scenes of Abominable Toys animations and designs!

The classic Chomp walk cycle animation done by @seanlarkreece is made up of 9 unique frames.

Sean originally hand drew all of the frames and then digitally recreated them. We went through 3 different styles before settling on the final version that you know and love!

If there's any designs you'd love to know more about let us know and maybe we'll feature them in the future!
It's Christmas in May! That's a thing right? Today we're looking at the 2020 holiday animation created by @seanlarkreece.

The initial sketch is pretty similar to the final version with just a few minor changes.

The most notable change is that we initially wanted to tease an upcoming character in the animation, but we were very far from releasing anything so we decided not to. We're now a little bit closer and you may see something coming soon!
For our final post of this animation week we're going to show the evolution of Chomp!

If you're an abominabletoys.com detective you may have seen this before, but we've never officially posted it.

Chomp went through so many changes over the years.

1: Chomp started out as a very smooth featureless sketch by @connorjmcconnell. There was the general shape and idea of Chomp, but not too much more. Connor never thought anything would come from this and that's proven by the fact that it was done on a high school homework assignment that is long gone.

2: This is another random sketch Connor did that's pretty similar to the first one with just a little more character. It's also lost to the education system.

3: When Chomp was switching from an idea to a reality @bensuart brought Chomp to life. Ben added Chomp's most recognizable features like his teeth, swirls, and black eyes. It's hard to imagine a character named Chomp without a mouth!

4: Ben went through one more round of revisions to round Chomp out. Main changes here were to Chomp's hands and feet as well as a slight change to the leg shape.

5: This is the modern day version of Chomp and is truly a culmination of everyone at Abominable Toys. This design was done by @seanlarkreece to match the sculpt done by Alain Viesca a lot closer. It really shows the transition of Chomp from 2D to 3D.

Chomp has come such a long way and wouldn't have been possible without so many amazing people. We'd like to thank Connor McConnell, Benjamin Su, Sean Lark Reece, Alain Viesca for bringing this lovable yeti to life!

We'd also like to give a special thanks to Pat Kurtzner for naming our fluffy yeti friend Chomp!

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