Abominable Toys Newsletter #148 Swomp Debut Deneen Pottery Mug Available Now!

Meet the newest member of the Abominable Toys family, Swomp!

Swomp is a mythical Sea Monster and the last of her species. She spends her day looking for friends and hugging ships. She enjoys snacking on seaweed and just can't stay still for photos!

She's's making her splashing debut with this mug handmade by @deneen_pottery!

This limited edition mug is available right now on abominabletoys.com!

Teal Splashing Swomp Tall Boy Mug
LE: 150
Price: $35
Capacity: 14 oz

Each mug is handmade and individually numbered by @deneen_pottery. They are microwave and dishwasher safe.

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