Abominable Toys Newsletter #150 Creamsicle Deneen Pottery Mug Announcement & More!

We've got one more mug just in time for summer!

This creamsicle Abominable Toys @deneen_pottery mug will be available Monday, July 3rd, at 2:00pm EST 11:00am PST exclusively on abominabletoys.com.

Creamsicle Abominable Toys Footed Mug
LE: 77
Price: $35
Capacity: 10-12 oz

Each mug is handmade and individually numbered by @deneen_pottery. They are microwave and dishwasher safe.

There may be one other thing dropping with this mug as well! Look out for an announcement soon!

Is there a big summer convention coming up? We might have something sweet planned for it too.

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