Abominable Toys Newsletter #155 7BucksAPop Signing and Jawbreaker Chomp Online Release Date

Online Jawbreaker Chomp release info:

Jawbreaker Chomp will be available online tomorrow, Thursday, July 20th, at 12:00pm EST 9:00am PST on 7bucksapop.com!

Signing announcement:

Connor McConnell @connorjmcconnell will be signing at @comic_con this Saturday 12:00pm-2:00pm!

Connor is one of the co-creators of Chomp and Chomper.


San Diego Comic Con
7BucksaPop @7bucksapop
Booth #4545


Saturday 12:00pm-2:00pm

Connor will be at the booth periodically throughout the convention as well. If you're unable to attend the signing on Saturday lookout for him and he'll gladly sign anything you'd like!

Additional Info:

You may bring as many Abominable Toys related items to be signed as you would like and all signatures are completely free.

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