Abominable Toys Newsletter #156 7BucksAPop Jawbreaker Chomp Available Now!

Jawbreaker Chomp and Chase Glow Jawbreaker Chomp are available now on 7bucksapop.com!

Yeah you heard that right. This is our very first chase 5" Chomp figure! Each figure will be packed blind boxed in a sorter box to ensure chases are distributed randomly.

Jawbreaker Chomp
LE: 777

Chase Jawbreaker Chomp
LE: 77

That's not the only thing that's brand new either. Jawbreaker Chomp is the first figure to be individually numbered! Whether you pull a LE 777, or the extremely rare LE 77, you will know exactly which number figure you got from the run.

We want to remind you all to not consume Jawbreaker Chomp. He is very fearful of this and wanted us to put out a warning prior to the convention. He's a very sweet guy, but not very sweet tasting.

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