Abominable Toys Newsletter #158 MEGA Chomp Kickstarter Production Update

Hey everyone!

We wanted to update you all on the current status of the MEGA Chomp figures.

As of today, 8/7/2023, we have received the first samples and submitted a few revisions for final production.

Some notable changes are:

• Box will be thicker in final production to hold up better in shipping and protect the figure more.

• All 3 designs will have their own sticker on the box.

• Bigfoot Chomp arm and leg swirls will be changed to match Bigfoot Chomper. They will have dark brown swirls on the final production figures.

We are still ahead of schedule for our initial release date and as soon as we have any other major updates we will be sure to let you know!

Thanks so much for your support and patience,

- Abominable Toys Team

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