Abominable Toys Newsletter #16 COVID-19 Charity Release and ECCC Update

Live right now on abominabletoys.com is a limited edition logo sticker pack charity release with 100% of the profit being donated to the UN Foundation:

COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund for WHO! These will be available until Sunday April 19th at 9:00pm PST and the amount sold will determine the run size.

In addition to this we restocked blank figures and we're donating 10% of all products sold on our site to the same fund. We'll be announcing a blank custom contest soon to hopefully help with the quarantine boredom.

Remember to stay home and stay awesome!
This is the finished Barista figure! Unfortunately our production was delayed so we don't have an updated estimated ship date yet, but we'll keep everyone posted! The figures are still being manufactured right now and will have to ship to us afterwards.

We do have a shipment of something Jurassic that we ordered awhile ago coming in very soon though so look out for that!

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