Abominable Toys Newsletter #180 DesignerCon 2023 Exclusives List

All products will be available at Designercon booth #522 December 15th - 17th! Any leftovers will go online at a later date.

Chomp Frozen Culture Wave 1 Figures. A limited amount of these figures will be available as blind bagged singles for $11.99 each or in cases for $108 each.

There's 6 figures to collect and 3 chases.




Chomp Frozen Culture mystery pins will be available as singles for $10 each.
There's 6 pins in the main set and one very limited mystery chase pin!




Gingerbread Chomp Frozen Culture figures will be available as singles for $14.99 each or cases for $135.

There's 2 holiday figures to collect in this set with one being a chase!



Gingerbread Chomp Frozen Culture tote bags will be available for $15 individually or free if you purchase a case of either Frozen Culture Chomp series.



Mini Resin Gumdrop Chomp by @5thturtle. Each color is limited edition of 20 and retails for $50. We are implementing a limit of one of each color per person.



Frozen Culture Chomp Postcards. Free with the purchase of any case of Chomp Frozen Culture figures while supplies last!

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