Abominable Toys Newsletter #184 2023 Wrap-Up

Wow the end of the year already! Feels like we were just writing one of these last year.

We hope you're ready for the yearly Abominable Toys wrap up!

This year was a skeleton-filled, Chomper-not-so-filled, HMBR, Frozen Culture, kind of year!

Here's some highlights:

• The Skeleton Chomp design is officially vaulted for 5" vinyl figures. That's the first design we've ever done that with, but we think we've had a ton of fun with it and we're going to move on to more exciting stuff next year!

• We also launched brand new collaboration product lines with @hmadebrobots and @andrewheathdesign!

• We released the very first Chomp Ice Cream with @7seasroasting and @gelatolovecalifornia!

• MEGA Chomp started being delivered last week! Full update soon.

Once again we truly hope Abominable Toys was a positive part of your year! We really can't thank you enough for the continued support for 5 years now!

Let's give you some teasers for what may come in 2024:

• Chomper will be back! We promised more figures by the end of the year, but Chomper is an elusive little yeti.

• We're planning on doing another Kickstarter! The last one had such a great response so we're going to try to have another ready for Chomp's birthday!

• 🔮

• 🦎

• Don't pay any attention to those emojis they are certainly meaningless and not some super awesome stuff we've been working on.

You also can now use this brand new holiday gif sticker by @seanlarkreece in your stories on Instagram and Snapchat and videos on TikTok! All you have to do is search "Abominable Toys" or "@abominabletoys" while making a post and you'll be able to use them!

As always, we won't have another release until early next year so get cozy, drink some Chomp Coffee, maybe eat some Chomp Ice Cream, and spend time with your loved ones! We can't thank you enough for another amazing year! You're all awesome!

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