Abominable Toys Newsletter #24 In Store Signing With Haley Lutz & Connor McConnell

We held a limited amount of the Cactus Chomp figures for an in store signing with Haley Lutz @haleypawp and Connor McConnell!


Plastic Empire @plasticempire
145 North Marietta Pkwy
Marietta, GA 30060


Saturday September 26th at
12:00pm EST

Safety and Procedures:

Please wear a mask when you enter the building. We want this to be as safe as possible for everyone attending.

You may bring as many Abominable Toys related items to be signed as you would like. We'll try to get through as many as possible!

Purchasing Info:

We will be selling a limited amount of the Cactus Chomp figure for $50 plus tax, but signatures on it and any other Abominable Toys products are completely free!

Additional Info:

We have gone through eBay listings as well as duplicate/fraudulent orders and cancelled what we could find. There was not enough to do a full public restock so we will be selling those cancelled orders in store at the signing.

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