Abominable Toys Newsletter #63 ECCC Exclusive Emerald Skeleton Squishy Chomp

We've got one more surprise for you at @emeraldcitycomicon! Emerald Skeleton Squishy Chomp is available at @plasticempire booth #2335! We also have some Classic Squishy Chomp at the booth as well. These are the first squishy Chomps we've done, but expect more in the near future!

Emerald Skeleton Squishy Chomp
LE: 350
Price: $15

These squishy Chomps are the same size as our standard 5" vinyl Chomp figures. Each one comes packaged in a polybag designed by @seanlarkreece. These are in hand and ready to go!

We have a select allotment that will be available online after the convention as well.

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