Making of Gumball Chomp

Here's a "Making of" post about the design process of Gumball Chomp figure in the words of @bensuart! "It started when they approached me with the gumball idea but visually we weren't sure how it was going to look.

I started doing some sketching and researching all the different types of gumball machines that existed. We played with different shapes, colors and hat ideas, eventually reaching our final design.

Next the modeler referenced the drawing and sculpted it into a 3D model. Finally the model/design is sent to the manufacturer and final color adjustments are made and also the number of gumballs are decided! It took about 5 months from concept to delivering the product into customers hands!

P.S. we really wanted to add the coin slot into the design..but it was either going to be on his crotch or butt. We decided to stay classy"

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