About Us (Old)

Abominable Toys is an art toy company made by collectors for collectors.

Our first character, Chomp, originated as a quick sketch by Connor McConnell in high school and was later brought to life by animator Benjamin Su. We began releasing pins and t shirts in June of 2018 and our first Chomp vinyl figures debuted in December that same year. We're continuing to grow as a company and expand into new unique products. We firmly believe in collaborating with talented artists and we'll always look into new opportunities to do so.

In addition to making awesome art toys, we at Abominable Toys are dedicated to using our platform to raise money for charities we care about! Every year we have multiple charity releases with proceeds being donated. 


People who make Abominable Toys possible:

Connor McConnell is the co creator of Chomp, develops new products, and manages Abominable Toys operations!

Benjamin Su is the co creator of Chomp and creates the art for most of our figure designs! Without him Chomp wouldn't have a mouth or his iconic swirls!

Alain Viesca sculpted the original Chomp figure! He's also sculpted many of the variant Chomp figures and other characters!

Sean Lark Reece creates our animations for social media as well as the majority of the packaging you see on Abominable Toys products!

Dustin Kamm and Plastic Empire fulfill all of our orders and help run all of our conventions. They are also responsible for a lot of behind the scenes logistics!

Nero Mercado helps create and produce our pins and various other merchandise!

We'd also like to give a special thanks to Eric Johns for helping in the startup of Abominable Toys and Pat Kurtzner for naming our fluffy yeti friend Chomp!