Cyber Monday Limited Edition Chomp Mystery Pin 3 Pack

Cyber Monday Limited Edition Chomp Mystery Pin 3 Pack

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Happy Cyber Monday! This year we have something a little bit different. After every pin release we hold a few pins back for conventions or events, but unfortunately since we only had one convention this year we've got some leftover limited edition pins as well as some AP pins. We decided to combine these leftovers with two brand new mystery Chomp pins LE 200 and LE 125.

You will receive 3 Chomp or Chomper pins. Every order will have 1 of the new release pins. You will not get any duplicates per 3 pack. If you buy multiples you may receive some duplicates. At least 2 of your pins will be limited edition pins. 

Here's what you can get:

New Mystery Pin 1 LE 200
New Mystery Pin 2 LE 125

Barista LE 325
Coffee Cup LE 250
Chomp Coffee Logo LE 150
Haunted Skeleton LE 250
Amber LE 300
Rainbow LE 600
Gumball LE 400
Classic Chomp Pin (Old Style)
Classic Chomper Pin (Old Style)
Classic Chomp Pin (New Style)

AP Pins:

New Mystery 1
New Mystery 2
Patina Liberty
Plastic Empire Electric Purple
Plastic Empire Reverse Electric Purple Chase
Haunted Skeleton

These are in hand and will ship out within 1 week of ordering.

Pins made possible by @nerothehero13

Chomp co created by Connor McConnell and Benjamin Su @bensuart

We do not offer returns or cancellations on limited edition items